Welcome, to the very first post on my new blog! Although it may have taken absolutely forever to get setup, I am so glad it is all done. I am now certain of 2 things: it is incredibly difficult to design for yourself, and html coding is much harder then I originally imagined. But practice does make perfect, and boy did I get plenty of practice these last few months.  SO as I now happily mark “blog” off my to-do list I see “website” right beneath it and the joy only lasts so long. To be fair I have made some pretty strong headway with the site (thanks in large part to the wonderful Kelley Bowen) and I am hopeful to have it wrapped up in the coming weeks. But if you know me, then you have probably heard those words come out of my mouth more than once this year already. I wish I was one of those people that knew how to prioritize, schedule, and somehow cram 4 work days into 1. But alas, I am not that girl, and let’s not kid ourselves, I probably will never be.

I have found that I am lacking two very important qualities essential for designing your own website : patience and decisiveness. Every other day I have a new idea, or a new concept, most of which aren’t very doable or necessary in the overall scheme of the site. I go back and forth from wanting to make two sites, or maybe just one, or maybe let’s go real crazy and make seven! My goal is to have the site wrapped up as soon as possible, since I have technically been paying for it since February. And when it is done I will celebrate, cheer, maybe even cry a little, and then try my darnedest to not redesign it 3 months later!

As a whole, this year has been spectacular thus far! I have had the opportunity to work with a range of clients and create some truly inspiring pieces, which I hope to blog about in the coming weeks. I have also found an amazing community of designers at Minted.com to share and grow with as I explore new ways to push myself through my work. And I am lucky enough to have an amazing job at Alice Park Photography that provides me a flexible schedule and space to grow as a designer. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped make this year so wonderful…this gal will not forget it!