Here are 6 of the 7 designs I recently submitted for Minted’s Notebook Challenge. I tried a little bit of everything in this challenge…hand drawn type, hand painted florals, fancy, chic, modern…you name it, I tried it. I love challenges like these because they have very few restrictions and really allow you to explore all kinds of styles and mediums. Minted will be selecting 40 designs total to be launched around Christmas, just in time to be used as awesome gifts. There were some amazing designs submitted…I even eyed a few I might like to buy for myself! Voting kicked off last week so stop by today to vote on your favorites here!

Today I was browsing a few recaps of the NYIGF on the Oh So Beautiful Paper blog and stumbled across the work of a Los Angeles design company called Artecnica! How in the world have I not heard of these folks before?! Absolutely stunning products, at a somewhat affordable price! They have some of the most unique products I’ve seen in a long time – from lighting and interior goods, to  stationery and cards. I think the cost was the only thing keeping me from not ordering every product on their site…that and the idea of Desmond sliding down one of the chandeliers as he rips it to shreds. Take a look for yourself!

The above flower cards are my favorite!! Check out a video of how they open up here! Most of the items are made from very thin pieces of metal so they are very durable, but still have a feeling of delicacy to them. I’ve never been to the NYIGF but after seeing the recaps and learning more about some fabulous companies I may be buying a ticket in January!

A little peek at all of the awesome highlights from our trip to Vail for the Retreat a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to visit again someday!

Happy for all the new friends we made and the experiences we will never forget!


We returned from Colorado safe and sound this weekend. What an absolutely stunning place to visit…already planning our next trip back! I will be posting a full recap later this week when I have more time to sort through photos, but for now here is a picture of our very pretty, and very resilient marigolds. We were happy to return home to find that several of our plants survived the few days without water. My mom did make a trip during the week, but with the heat we’ve been having they need to be watered twice a day! We are very proud of our little garden and hope to be able to sustain it as long as possible. I can’t wait for the day when we have our own yard and can just go crazy planting everything and anything! Until then though…this will do 🙂