Two new challenges just wrapped up over on! The first was a moving announcement challenge in which I submitted 2 designs. Both designs were inspired by vintage posters. I tired to use some new color combos and explore some fun texture options. Vote for the moving announcements here!

The second challenge was for graduation announcements. They could be announcements for graduates of all ages, but I stuck mainly to high school. I’ve been really inspired by info graphics lately and used that as the foundation for the first design. It has several customizable facts and details since each graduate is special! The second announcement combines my 2 favorite things: color and pattern! Vote for graduation announcements here.

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited for the launch of the Jason Wu collection at Target on February 5th! Now do I camp out in front of the store or order at home online? Decisions, decisions. Either way, I have my fingers crossed that it won’t all be sold out in 30 minutes like the last big Target collection launch from Missoni. I already have my eye on a few different pieces as well as a few of the gorgeous accessories. I must have that adorable bag with the little black cat! Check out images of the entire collection via InStyle here! Happy shopping everyone 🙂

I have been meaning to share this project for quite awhile and feel terrible for not getting it up sooner! Over the past 6 months or so I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful Alicia Ressmann! Alicia and I met a couple years ago through a mutual friend and then reconnected this past summer to work on some very fun projects. Each piece had a very specific purpose and function but still needed to work well together. I was absolutely thrilled with the final results! Before we get to those, here is a little bit about Alicia and the inspiration for the projects.

Alicia has recently moved back to Houston from a 15 month stint in Kenya and is now packing up to head back to Africa once more. This time, not to Kenya, but to a new tropical island off the coast that they lovingly refer to as Gilligan’s Island. She and her team will be serving there for 2.5 years among the people, living life, learning the language and teaching English in the local schools and colleges.

To help raise awareness and spread the word to family and friends we worked together to create a few different things: 1) Info Cards, 2) Prayer Cards, 3) Calendar Postcards, and 4) Thank yous. Take a look!

The info cards were the first to be mailed out with details about the trip and ways to contact Alicia with questions or support. Because she was going to be working on “Gilligan’s Island” Alicia had the idea to have the copy reflect the title song from the show, Gilligan’s Island!

The next piece was the Prayer Cards. These were mailed to a larger number of people and needed to be a little simpler yet still include the most important details. I brought several design elements from the Info Cards into this piece as well.

Alicia asked me to design a postcard that could be easily mailed to supporters to send a message of prayer. She wanted the front to feature a calendar which she could then circle a date on to indicate a day every month she would send prayers and well wishes to that supporter. Because this piece didn’t necessarily need to coordinate with the others we went with some new colors that would help make it stand out in a stack of mail!

The final piece was a design for coordinating thank you notes that could also be mailed to supporters. Alicia was inspired by old maps and wanted the thank yous to be representative of her future travels.

I had an amazing time putting together this set and wish Alicia safe travels while she is abroad! She is currently raising support to be able to sustain herself on the island for the years to come. If you are at all interested in hearing more about her awesome trip you can check out the blog she’s started at or just shoot her a buzz at You can also have the opportunity to partner with her on her journey across the ocean prayerfully or financially. For more info on how to be a part of reaching the nations go a head and contact her, she’d love to chat your ear off!