Well the first day of spring was this past Tuesday, but it has felt like spring since about January here. Because of the drastically higher temperatures, we decided to start planting a little earlier then normally recommended. Last year was our very first attempt at a garden of any kind and boy did we learn a lot. Not knowing what we could and couldn’t grow we staggered our plants last year from May to July. We would make trips to Home Depot, swing through the garden department and some how wind up back home with a whole trunk full of new things to grow. It was a little addicting 🙂

This year we figured it would be smart to plant everything at the same time. I’m sure we will certainly add to the collection, but for now we have (pictured above from top to bottom, left to right): basil, cowhorn peppers, cilantro, strawberries, pimiento peppers, jalapeno peppers, petunias, and tomatoes. We’ll probably add a bell pepper plant and a few more herbs soon!

We live in a second story apartment with a pretty big deck that get’s lots of sun. Container plants I have been told can be a little trickier, but so far we haven’t run into too many problems. My one piece of advice would be if you plant tomatoes in a container, get a big container! They have a root system like nothing I have ever seen and they grow insanely fast. I’m going to take a second round of pictures in about 2 months to compare how much each plant has grown. So nerdy I know…but seriously, gardening will get you hooked!

We also spruced up our sunroom and added some new plants indoors as well. We saw this gorgeous Red Peace Lily at Home Depot and decided it was a must have for the apartment. It’s the perfect touch of color with all of the green around it. So pretty!

Happy gardening everyone!


I just recently had a new suite of wedding invites launch over on Minted, and I could not be more delighted! This was my first big step into the wedding world and I had the best time coming up with color stories, themes, and flipping through the latest bridal magazines. I had such a great time that I am in the beginnings stages of designing a new collection that I plan to launch myself some time this summer. Stay posted for additional details!

For now, here are a few inspiration boards I put together featuring new Minted invites! I love inspiration boards…so many pretty things all in one place!

Vintage Garden Wedding

Modern Coral Wedding

Rustic Fall Wedding

Check out the entire new collection here!