Just a few funny outtakes from our holiday photo shoot with the cats! For everyone who thought they were super photogenic…well they have their moments 🙂 Also…a look at our holiday card for those who may not have received it yet. Sorry they were so late!

holiday card

Happy Holidays everyone!


Last week, a designer friend and native New Yorker came up with the idea to start an Etsy shop to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. As one of the most devastating storms in our nation’s history, relief funds will be very important in the coming weeks and months to ensure that all those affected can return to a normal life.

Jackie’s idea was to create a shop of one color prints, cards, tags and thank yous that could all be hand stamped or embossed. She then reached out to some of her fellow designers to see if anyone was interested in participating and contributing designs for the shop. I have to say, I have been very moved by the outpouring of love from the design community. Everyone was so excited to help and contribute as much of their time as they could. I feel very lucky to have a design included in the collection!

To view the full shop please click here! Take a minute to browse the collection and buy a card or two to help with this worthy cause!

I was overjoyed to be included in a feature on the wonderful Style Me Pretty site last week! I have been a SMP fan for some time and love what they do for the wedding industry. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding it is definitely a great resource to use. They have links to several of the best vendors for photography, stationery, flowers, cakes, catering, etc. The feature from last week spotlighted 3 designers from Minted (including your truly!) and gave readers a peek into our work spaces. Even Desmond made a brief cameo in the post!

And here are some of the photos I styled for the post:

Thank you Minted for the amazing opportunity!

I had not one, but 2 brothers graduate this past month. The first was my middle brother Logan, from the University of Florida! The second was my youngest brother Ryan, the third and final Smith sibling to graduate from Brookwood High School. I convinced my mother and Ryan to let me design his graduation announcements back in March and had the absolute best time putting them together. My family is always the ideal client because they trust my visions 100%, removing a bit of the stress from the design process. But at the same time, I wanted these announcements to be perfect for my little brother, so I did stress over the details just a little.

I adore infographics, especially ones that have a little more personality, and I knew right from the start I wanted to incorporate some.  Lucky for me, my brother is multi-talented, and an over-achiever so I had a variety of tid bits to choose from! Ryan will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall so we decided to go with a red and black color scheme.

Congrats Ryan! Along with Ryan’s announcements I also got to create a design for a family friend. Becca is planning to be a fashion design major next year and definitely wanted an announcement that would stand out and reflect her creative side. I sent over a few different concepts, but this one was her favorite.

Also, I have a few grad announcements currently for sale over on Minted!

Congratulations Class of 2012!


Well the first day of spring was this past Tuesday, but it has felt like spring since about January here. Because of the drastically higher temperatures, we decided to start planting a little earlier then normally recommended. Last year was our very first attempt at a garden of any kind and boy did we learn a lot. Not knowing what we could and couldn’t grow we staggered our plants last year from May to July. We would make trips to Home Depot, swing through the garden department and some how wind up back home with a whole trunk full of new things to grow. It was a little addicting 🙂

This year we figured it would be smart to plant everything at the same time. I’m sure we will certainly add to the collection, but for now we have (pictured above from top to bottom, left to right): basil, cowhorn peppers, cilantro, strawberries, pimiento peppers, jalapeno peppers, petunias, and tomatoes. We’ll probably add a bell pepper plant and a few more herbs soon!

We live in a second story apartment with a pretty big deck that get’s lots of sun. Container plants I have been told can be a little trickier, but so far we haven’t run into too many problems. My one piece of advice would be if you plant tomatoes in a container, get a big container! They have a root system like nothing I have ever seen and they grow insanely fast. I’m going to take a second round of pictures in about 2 months to compare how much each plant has grown. So nerdy I know…but seriously, gardening will get you hooked!

We also spruced up our sunroom and added some new plants indoors as well. We saw this gorgeous Red Peace Lily at Home Depot and decided it was a must have for the apartment. It’s the perfect touch of color with all of the green around it. So pretty!

Happy gardening everyone!


I am so excited for the launch of the Jason Wu collection at Target on February 5th! Now do I camp out in front of the store or order at home online? Decisions, decisions. Either way, I have my fingers crossed that it won’t all be sold out in 30 minutes like the last big Target collection launch from Missoni. I already have my eye on a few different pieces as well as a few of the gorgeous accessories. I must have that adorable bag with the little black cat! Check out images of the entire collection via InStyle here! Happy shopping everyone 🙂

This has been one of my favorite projects to date! My friend Emily contacted me with a few ideas for some Halloween party invites she was hoping to work with me on. Emily wanted something vintage and a little spooky, but nothing too over the top. She mentioned liking the look of stained paper, which was the inspiration behind the texture and treatment done to the front of the invite.  She also came up with the copy on the front – so creative! For the back I wanted a pattern that would compliment the front nicely but still incorporate the vintage/spooky feel. The printed versions turned out perfect and I could not be happier!

Speaking of Halloween, Minted just recently launched their Halloween stationery just in time to pick up some cute cards to send to friends. Below is a look at one of my designs for sale as well as a few of my other favorites!

Boston Trip

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the great city of Boston to hang out with 2 of my favorite ladies, Ana and Lauren. We were all college roommates at UGA (minus 2 other gals), now each living in different cities and doing our best to see each other during the year. I had only been to Boston once before, briefly about 9 years ago, and didn’t get to see much of the city. This time I got to see it all! I absolutely fell in love with Boston. Granted I did go during the summer when the weather was lovely and not 10 below. I might change my tune after visiting in the winter. Lauren lives in Cambridge, about 3 blocks from the Harvard campus. It’s the most adorable little neighborhood. Everything is walkable (which is how most people get around) and most of the businesses are local. Cute shops, amazing food, and maybe a Starbucks sprinkled here and there. I have to say the walking aspect scared me a bit at first since I work from home and require a car to get almost everywhere…but by the end of the trip I loved it!! Walking is fun and a great way to save money on a hefty gym fee. Plus Boston also has an amazing public transit system with buses and subway lines that cover the entire city. You seriously would not miss your car one bit!

I was sad to leave at the end of the week but so thankful for the chance to go…here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

The first night we made Felafel, which I had never had! We then stuffed halves of pita bread with the Felafel and a salad mixture of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta cheese. A couple glasses of wine, a few candles – it was quite a delicious meal!

The next day we walked around the Harvard campus before lunch. Having watched the Social Network an obsessive number of times recently, I was a little more then excited 🙂 Lots of amazing historical buildings and beautiful architecture everywhere you look. They also had these strange clusters of chairs all over campus that I really liked- perhaps to inspire discussion? Who knows! And of course we had to stop and rub the foot of the John Harvard statue for good luck.

The next day we walked through some of the historic neighborhoods near Beacon Hill. If I could afford it I think I might move there in a heartbeat! I have never been in a city with prettier streets then Boston. I swear – every tree had its own little flower box surrounding it (and there were a ton of trees), windows had beautiful window boxes with all kinds of plants and florals spilling out. Colorful doors, antique knockers, festive wreaths…swoon!

Next was a stroll through the public garden down town where I snapped some pictures of a pair of geese and a few ducks sunning themselves. It was a gorgeous day outside! We then started out along the Freedom Trail, a route through Boston hitting all the major landmarks and historical buildings. So much history in one city! The trail also took us through Quincy Market and ended at the first North American cemetery where several important early Bostonians are buried. We also passed this beautiful tribute to fallen soldiers tucked in a little walkway. It had hundreds of blank dog tags strung across wires, surrounding a fountain.

We ended the day with some coffee and gelato and a trip to a yummy pastry store. I ate quite a few sweets that day, but I think the walking helped cancel it out 🙂

Had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back soon!

A little peek at all of the awesome highlights from our trip to Vail for the Retreat a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to visit again someday!

Happy for all the new friends we made and the experiences we will never forget!


We returned from Colorado safe and sound this weekend. What an absolutely stunning place to visit…already planning our next trip back! I will be posting a full recap later this week when I have more time to sort through photos, but for now here is a picture of our very pretty, and very resilient marigolds. We were happy to return home to find that several of our plants survived the few days without water. My mom did make a trip during the week, but with the heat we’ve been having they need to be watered twice a day! We are very proud of our little garden and hope to be able to sustain it as long as possible. I can’t wait for the day when we have our own yard and can just go crazy planting everything and anything! Until then though…this will do 🙂